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Friends of Train Mountain




Part of FTM's 110,000 feet (10+ miles) of new steel rail.

The Deal Closes -- On Friday October 26, Friends of Train Mountain (FTM) and Train Mountain (TM) signed an agreement that allows FTM to build new long runs of 7.5" gauge model railroad track on 1136 acres adjoining Train Mountain.

The Good News :
1. FTM Leases 1136 TM Forestry managed Acres to build new long track runs 
2. As part of the lease, all TM property taxes have been paid in full.
3. As part of the lease, FTM agrees to build 1-4 miles of track for 10 years.
4. FTM buys a Track Rights Easement to Protect FTM's members Right to Run All TM Track.
5. FTM buys a Conservation Easement Protects Forest and Views From the new long track runs forever.
6. FTM & TM adopt New Dog Policy
7. FTM & TM adopt a common Liability Release Form.
8. FTM & TM get Easements for track on neighboring properties
9. Everyone Working to Make FTM and TM Successful

Copyright 2007 and succeeding years -- Friends of Train Mountain

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