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Friends Centralized Track Control (CTC)



Please report any problems with the signal system to signals@friendstm.org

CTC System
Friends signaled track is monitored by computer software running in the Central Station Signal Tower. This software communicates with the circuitry in the field via a radio link to monitor the movement of trains, identify problems, and to provide diagnostic information. Status from the system is automatically uploaded to this website as conditions change. Click here for information on the hardware components used in the field.

Status and Alerts (check timestamps for validity)

2016-01-19 (Tue) 16:30 : System monitoring suspended.

The state of the system is displayed by the software in a manner similar to prototype CTC systems. The representation of the track and signals is called a modelboard. The CTC modelboard is linked below. (Requires IE9, Chrome, or Safari browser). Click for a description of how the information is represented. A text-based summary of the status is provided for cell phone browsers.

Real-Time CTC Modelboard - Requires IE9
Text-based summary

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