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Friends of Train Mountain

Signaled Track



Track from Farmersville Circle to the Bypass north of Schubert Wye will be Signaled Bi-Directional Track. 

Northbound trains will enter the Signaled Bi-Directional Track at Farmersville Circle.  There is a holding track where northbound trains will be held by a signal until the track is clear to move up to Witcombe Wye.   This Signal Information Sheet will be available at the holding track.  It answers most questions on signals.  The basic rule is Always Stop on Solid Red, Go on anything else including Flashing Red.

There is also a TM Signal Information Sheet explaining more about signals around Central Station.

There will be a Siding and a Mainline Meet Track at Witcombe Junction.  The Mainline Meet Track allows 2 trains traveling in opposing directions to pass each other.  The Siding is a place you can stop.

Trains can turn around at Witcombe Wye or Shubert Wye.  Trains must back into the Wyes. 

Just north of Shubert northbound trains get on one way track to Crane Water Siding and on to Hope Circle.  Initially, southbound trains are on one way track until from Hope till they join the Bi-Directional track just north of Shubert Wye.  Later the track between Hope and Cross Roads will be Bi-Directional and signaled.

FTM really wants to make this work.  If everyone will obey the signals... If we can do Bi-Directional Track... we can go a lot further a lot faster.

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